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Good Riddance

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Only Crime "Virulence" [22 Jan 2007|04:33pm]

I'm sure everyone here is aware of Russ's other band Only Crime so no need to explain who they are. Anyways, their 2nd album "Virulence" comes out tomorrow. Just a heads up! You can hear some of the songs from the album posted on their myspace page.
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[21 Oct 2006|03:27pm]

Thoughts on the new album?
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[06 Jan 2006|10:57am]

They're finally coming to Belgium again. My little heart is filled with excitement.
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[11 Jun 2005|03:44pm]

For the people that still read this: there's a new Good Riddance album coming out in the spring/summer of 2006. Check out www.good-riddance.com
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[29 Jul 2004|10:55pm]

Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore, it is indeed a failed community, which is a shame. In any case, if you haven't already, you all NEED to check out Only Crime. It's Russ' newest side project and they just released an absolutely PHENOMINAL debut album on CD and LP available at Fat Wreck. This thing has been spinning in my stereo and on my turntable since I got it.


there's MP3s from an older EP, most of which made it onto the CD. Check it out, good shit.

EDIT: I notice that I basically posted this exact same thing in the most recent post before this, so basically, go get the album. And post here more. Fuckers.
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Only Crime [04 May 2004|05:35pm]

I don't know if anyone even reads this anymore, but I recently heard a band that many Good Riddance fans might be interested in. They're called Only Crime and Russ Rankin is the vocalist for this band as well Good Riddance. So far I've only come across 5 MP3s, but what I hear I like a lot, especially the song I'm listening to right now. So, if anyone wants the songs just IM me at UpTheAffiliates and I'll be glad to send them to you.

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[21 Apr 2004|07:28pm]

sorry, this community isnt really that talkative.
good riddance still rocks my pants though.
but im leaving

add me if you want, i like new friends :)
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<3 [29 Mar 2004|12:35pm]

i would just like to say that good riddance is the greatest band a live. :]
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your on drugs [09 Mar 2004|10:17pm]

why doesn't anyone post here.
god damnit.. hmm!
to bad i dont have friends, or i'd invite them? haha!!

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i'm new- yey [08 Mar 2004|05:31pm]

Anyone from Santa Cruz?
I AM I AM!!!

it's really hot outside,ahh!

noone localy supports GR, their so rad.
hmmm.... oh well? i'll be the local fan =\

sorry for saying "you suck" that was rude.
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